Scream Along With The Radio

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I fell asleep on my couch watching old romance movies
with my glasses still on and my book in my hands.
I woke up and ate a spoon-full of frosting
and debated whether I should set the coffee maker for the morning.

I have a king size bed with a blanket on the end I never unfold.
I always sleep on the left side, the right side kept perfectly made.
some nights my room is so quiet I can hear my heartbeat.
quiet is something I’ve had to get used to.

I bought a glass bottle of root beer today and couldn’t get the cap off.
this man gently took it out of my hands,
opened it, smiled and walked away.

I was talking to my friends about how I want to find love,
honestly I’m not sure that I really do.

unless it’s someone who would close my book
and take off my glasses when I fall asleep on the couch.
unless it’s someone that will kiss frosting off my lips
and make me excited to set the coffee maker
(because I’ll know that in the morning I’ll take two cups
out of the cabinet and smile as I pour hazelnut creamer)
unless it’s someone who will mess up my sheets
and perfectly made bed,
making this room a little less quiet.

unless it’s someone that will laugh as I struggle to open a glass bottle of root beer and instead of opening it for me he says,
“you can do it, I know you can

I don’t want to find love…I guess I just want it to find me while I’m busy living my simple little life. - d.a.h (via wrists)

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After being under a rock for so long, we started to listen to other music. We heard songs on the radio about stuff like…’poppin bottles in the club.’ Which is cool, don’t get me wrong. But we began to think, who’s singing for the other kids? Who’s singing for the outcasts who don’t go to those parties? Who don’t understand that kind of music? And that’s why we came back. To sing to them. To sing to you.
Pete Wentz (in Detroit on 9/14/13 on why Fall Out Boy came off hiatus)

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